The Beginning 

Feng Shui for me was a blessing; it gave me hope when I felt lifeless or purposeless. It gave me insight to who I always thought and felt I was meant to be; sharing my light and helping others find their path and inner strength.  I found an un-tapped love for myself and in turn saw the beauty and love in others. During this awakening I received the wisdom and  insight into the areas I needed to change. I was able to not only connect with myself but also love others and see a different lens and perspective to life I never saw or thought possible. . ♥

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My Experience

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My Belief 

Life is challenging at times and we try to control life the best we can with the little we know. We have a very small piece of the puzzle compared to the huge picture. Feng Shui makes life a little easier. It gives you the opportunity to see life’s magic and the role you play in it, not by default but by design. I love saying that you get to create your life as a blank canvas to create a masterpiece and change your stars. Feng Shui is fun, creative, insightful, spiritual, scientific, logical, etc. Feng Shui has a different definition depending on who you ask, this is my definition: creating negative blocks into a positive beautiful piece of art seeing the beauty from the inside out.  ♥