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Who is Justine?

Justine is a certified Feng Shui Expert and Life coach. She combines life coaching with Feng Shui for her clients to make lasting change. She believes everyone has greatness and that you have the power to design your life to reflect your fullest potential. All you need is some accountability and tools to help overcome any obstacles that are holding you back from living the life you truly desire.Your subconscious is the connection between your home and you, and if your home doesn’t match your subconscious goals or dreams, your home could prevent (‘Block’) you from working and living effectively.

Whether it is from a re-organization of a specific area of your house, your entire home, or a clearing of negative energy still existing from yours or the house’s past, Intentional Spaces will benefit you in a way you never thought possible.
Items in your home may produce good or bad energy; likewise, the placement of items, the material they are made of, or the absence of elements within your home plays a significant part of helping you optimize your home. It isn’t simply voodoo or magic, but rather optimization through all available mean that is used to help you change your home into a place you truly love to be in.

Some homes want to be productive, such as a home business, or a study area. Intentional Spaces is quintessential to your wants and will help you make your home exactly want you want it to be.

This service will provide you with a new found energy that you never thought were possible by simply changing the environment in which you live. You’ll be coming home, waking up in, or simply relaxing in your house and feel the energy you always wanted to have

What is Public Assistance 2 Business Owner (PA2BO)?

Passion Style Purpose International is working on creating an organization called Public Assistance to Business Owner (PA2BO), in which it works with single parents on public assistance teaching life skills, business skills and tools on how to heal from the inside out using coaching and Feng Shui techniques. Our goal is to partner and change the welfare system to add more business owners to the economy, to equip, empower and add value to our next generation “children from” from low income, abuse and negative generation mindsets. We believe that empowering others and sharing Justine Hernandez’s healing journey from being a single mother on Public Assistance, having an abusive background to then starting her own business, to be an example to her son Erik; will help others see that if she did it – so can you. Justine Hernandez currently teaches workshops at the Welfare Offices in the Virginia area, to pay it forward to share her journey and wisdom.


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